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To keep the shoe cabinets safe, the shipping company transports them in solid skeleton crate.

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In most cases an entryway is a room of irregular form with several doors. Usually such room also lacks sunlight, that’s why it is necessary to make the right choice. Our shoe cabinets are available at Ironnori Shops in Kazan, Moscow and other 48 Russian cities, and you can also buy them online. Our shoe cabinets are not only functional but do look excellent in any interior.

It’s up to you what to choose if you have a small entryway: maybe a shoe cabinet with a full-length mirror or a stylish shoe cabinet set. But we will do our best so that you purchase a really good product which pleases your eyes.

How to Choose a Furniture to Entryway

What is important and what is not when buying furniture? How to buy a useful and quality product which would match with other furniture items? Let’s see. Furniture in entryway has to meet the following criteria:

  1. It has to be functional, i.e. to have enough space for such stuff as outdoor clothes, head coverings, umbrellas, shoes and bags which are placed on hangers, open and closed shelves. A shoe cabinet with mirror front is the best option. You can buy it on our web-site.
  2. It has to be made of quality materials. Raw materials for such furniture are various – wood, metal and plastic. In most cases wood and wood-based materials are used. The reason is that such furniture is not only sound but also is budget-friendly for everyone.
  3. It has to be optimal in size, not overload a room and to be enough for the stuff usually kept in an entryway. Minimal width of a cabinet is approximately 19 cm: if your entryway is rather small, then it shall be more than enough for keeping your shoes (including winter ones).
  4. It has to fit into the interior. Click the Catalogue link to see the pictures of our shoe cabinets for your entryway. Here you can find a various range of colors – from light to dark ones, as well as some extraordinary options. If your entryway is not very big, then it is better to choose a shoe cabinet in light colors as it shall visually expand the room. In other cases you can choose some dark colors. Please see through our Catalogue and choose what you like.

Why to Choose Our Shoe Cabinets in Your Entryway?

You may ask: “Why to choose our shoe cabinets?” The answer is simple: we produce only shoe cabinets, that’s we why do not inflate prices without reason. Here you can find what you need at favorable price. Our shoe cabinets are of a good quality and low cost (please link Shop Products to see pictures and prices). If you hesitate what to choose, please call us and we will help you with a great pleasure.

In our online store you will find a various range of shoe cabinets for your entryway. The cabinets’ front can be made of mirror or without it. We also have a various range of colors – from light to dark ones. It’s up to you what to choose. We try to do our best so that when you cross the threshold of your home you would feel comfortable and relax after a hard working day.

To order our products, please, contact us on the phone or just add the goods in the cart and fill in a special blank and we will call you back.