Shoe Cabinets by Iron

Our shoe cabinets are stylish, spacious and save floor space. They make a stylish addition to your entryway, maintain order and declutter your space. Our shoe cabinets as well as its’ furniture hardware are made of high-quality materials to serve you for many years to come.

About Us

We proudly present our catalogue of Shoe Cabinets by Iron that are designed with a unique approach to functionality and style. Here you can find a variety of stylish and designed with space efficiency in mind shoe cabinets for home, office or hotel.

‘Iron’ is a shoe storage cabinet that helps to get rid of unnecessary shoe boxes as well as save your time when you are looking for your favorite pair of shoes.

10 years warranty for synchronous compartments’ opening mechanism

Our shoe cabinet occupies a space of only one pair of shoes, but holds up to 10 pairs!

It is easy to use and has a reliable structure as it is made of metal and very durable.

Smooth-running production and special attention to details is the key to warranty of quality!

Shoe Cabinets in Entryway

If a ‘book is judged by its cover’, then the first impression of a home begins with an entryway. But in most cases an entryway is a small room stacked with shoes that lacks coziness. Do you want to change it? Than our shoe cabinet is exactly what you need.

Shoe cabinets are made of wood, metal, plastic and other materials, they come in different forms, colors and dimensions. How to choose a stylish and compact shoe cabinet of a good quality? It’s easy. Just look through the shoe cabinets by Iron and you will not want to look for something else.

Shoe Cabinet is a Stylish Functionality

Being functional the shoe cabinets by Iron are also stylish and presented in a variety of models’ range. Our shoe cabinets look excellent both in classic-style and minimalistic-style entryways. You may choose the one that will best suite your style by clicking the Catalogue link.

Forget about piles of shoes in your entryway, stressful search for the pair you need and endless putting shoes away while cleaning. The shoe cabinet by Iron (on installments as well) can easily solve this problem. You just need to choose an amount of compartments and design you like and turn your entryway into a stylish and spacious room. We guarantee that our shoe cabinet will add a special touch to the interior of your entryway!

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